Paw Spa MD Mobile Pet Grooming

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Jill Crofcheck

Pets deserve Mobile Pet Grooming!

The Paw Spa is founded by Jill Crofcheck, a pet enthusiast.

While devoting my free time to pampering my own pets.. Molly and Miss P, I realized that a need wasn’t being fulfilled.

One day I was recovering from surgery.  Unable to lift my girls into the car.  I struggled anyway and took them to a groomer.  My babies were afraid…  I was waiting for a call for hours as to pick up.  I arrived to find my babies in Cages!

As a result, I decided to introduce a new kind of pet grooming experience. Mobile pet grooming where your pet is groomed in the Paw Spa van at your home.  Your babies aren’t sitting for hours in cages.  You don’t have to leave your home.  A holistic approach dedicated to taking care of bathing and grooming and services that make your pets feel like a part of our own family.  Services that translate into experiences that veterinarians fall in love with and recommend to others.

Your pets deserve the best,  Paw Spa MD is devoted to ensuring your fur babies get exactly that!