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Long-Haired Friends

Your pet may often nervously walk into the dog grooming facility in Maryland, but we assure you that your dog will stay with us and will walk out with a wagging tail and a happy face! At Paw Spa, we’re the professionals in pet grooming services in Maryland, offering your fur baby a complete makeover. From hair to teeth, to nails, to ears, we’ll take care of everything pawfectly.

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Cats are known for having a mind of their own, which requires a little more patience. Not a problem for us! Our bespoke cat grooming services in Maryland at the Paw Spa is run by trained and experienced team of groomers who are skilled at handling timid or moody fur babies.



Being the best pet groomers in Maryland, we all know how much our fur babies love their play time, and how dirty they can get from it! It’s important that you get them groomed regularly. The services we offer include, but aren’t limited to, are nail trimming, nail grinding, paw pedicures, teeth brushing, ear cleaning services, flea & tick service, fur trimming, de-matting, and more.

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Whether it’s a casual day out or a special occasion, we’ll give your fur baby a makeover that both of you will fall in love with! After all, we’re the best dog and cat grooming service in Maryland!